Ottima 3 Group

SKU: MTE0935

Quick Overview

The Visacrem Ottima commercial electronic espresso machine is a heavy duty machine which can cope with non-stop coffee production, using boiler heat-exchangers to minimise any thermal effect on the coffee machine.


The Ottima three group espresso machine is designed for a busy commercial environment. The three heads are capable of making up to six coffees a time - for a good Barista this means up to 18 cups a minute - over 700 an hour.

  • Automatic electronic dosage of coffee portions
  • Three group heads, so six coffees can be made at one time
  • Inbuilt rotary pump giving a constant 8 bar of water pressure (easily adjustable)
  • Two rotatable steam wands
  • Hot water dispenser - recently redesigned to reduce spray from boiling water
  • Adjustable LED light pattern/function
  • Angled group handles for better grip and reduced risk of RSI


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