Palanca Dual Fuel 2 Group


Quick Overview

A truly classic espresso machine with the looks to match. Classic styling and traditional controls give a true espresso experience and total control.

Standard model available with two or three groups, Dual Fuel model (uses gas to heat the boiler rather than electricity) available with two groups.


Perfect for mobile use or areas without enough electricity, the dual fuel Palanca espresso machine makes beautiful espresso anywhere.

Classic styling and traditional operation give a true espresso experience and total control.

You will need to provide at least 1 bar of water pressure for this machine to fill, either plumbed into the mains or run from a tank with an external pump.

  • Boiler safety valve
  • Element Safety thermostat
  • Automatic boiler refil
  • Copper boiler and pipework
  • 2 steam wands
  • 1 hot water tap
  • 13 litre copper boiler
  • Propane/Butane LPG Gas Burner
  • Width: 74cm
  • Height: 75cm
  • Depth: 56cm
  • Weight: 55kg


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